Kliq Coffees and Office


Welcome to Kliq Coffice at 38/A Margit Körút! We have designed the space to be work-friendly, catering to the needs of the unrepentant coffee addicts, the workaholics and the people who are just looking for a nice place to work.

Come and spark up the space with your creative thoughts and ask for a Nutella with a spoon!

Get a quality coffee and some brain boosters!

Our menu includes light snacks and brain boosters like nuts, grape sugar candies and good fruit smoothies. Sip on CafeNash Cuban or El Salvadoran Arabica coffee.

Coffice: work from us!

At Kliq Coffice, we’ve chosen the tables and chairs with comfort in mind. You’ll find a power socket and two cordless phone chargers within easy reach of every desk.

Workshop and meetup venue

We provide a venue for business breakfasts, workshops, meetups, small training sessions and professional gatherings. Our café can accommodate 20-24 people.


30 May 2024
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
KLIQ Coffice, Margit körút 38/A.
Budapest, 1027

Ez a kötet 19 olyan köztörvényes bűnügyet mutat be, amelyek végső lezárásában a kötél játszotta a főszerepet. Az előzményektől a nyomozáson át a bizonyítási procedúráig 19 olyan gyilkossági esetet ismerhetünk […]

Be inspired in a comfy place to the get things done.

We aim to provide a vibrant work-fun experience that keeps you moving, on the go, constantly inspired and part of an active community.

KLIQ Coffice is a manifestation of this.


A fun place in the centre of Buda where you don’t need to bring anything but your laptop to work. You can drink fresh roasted coffee and eat sandwiches made with quality ingredients. We’ll help you make your meetings and events feel like you’re in an office, and we’ll also help you keep up with the fast-paced Margaret Boulevard and the ever-changing world at our professional events.


The Kliq team knows exactly how it feels to go from café to café when you’re tired of the home office. That’s why we dreamed up a place where anyone can work in peace. We’re all about professional and social development, which is why we organise free round-table discussions to keep everyone up to date with the latest professional news and don’t shy away from asking experts about the issues that matter most to the people of the city.

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